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Drupal module released!

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Drupal module released!

Postby jfh on Tue Nov 28, 2006 8:43 am

Thanks to Frédéric Palluel-Lafleur aka Moxide, and Anton, WYMeditor is now integrated in Drupal as a module!

Module overview

This module provides integration of WYMeditor 0.2 into Drupal 4.7.
It is still in early development : it is not ready for production use.
Note: a pre-patched version of WYMeditor is included.
Current version is 0.2 Stable

Module features
    Integration of WYMeditor in nodes edit forms
    Basic management of WYMeditor's containers and classes definitions
Next features
    Profiles management
    Classes groups management

Great work guys, thank you!

WYMeditor Drupal module project page.
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