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WYMeditor 0.5 rc 1 released

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WYMeditor 0.5 rc 1 released

Postby jfh on Wed May 27, 2009 8:44 pm

Hi All,

WYMeditor 0.5 rc 1 has been released!

This release brings new features and fixes bugs.

New features:
- Minified JS file
- jQuery 1.3 compatibility
- New plugins: fullscreen and embed (still beta)
- New translations (Bulgarian, Finnish, Croatian)
- New 'compact' skin

Bugs, improvements:
- Many bugs have been fixed since beta 2 (see the Trac for more info)

We're also working on the Drupal integration, using the Wysiwyg API module.
For the impatient, pre-release integration files are available at the repository browser.

As always, please refer to the Trac website for more information.

Any help to improve WYMeditor is welcome, e.g. by sending patches for outstanding 0.5 bugs.

In order to boost the development process, we're looking for a sponsor.
If you're interested in sponsoring WYMeditor, please contact me at jf.hovinne at wymeditor dot org. Thanks!

Download WYMeditor:

Many thanks to all our donors and contributors who made this release possible!

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