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list of toolsitems for customizing

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list of toolsitems for customizing

Postby mykel_suthertun on Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:00 pm

I'm a designer and front-end developer with an embarrassingly small knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery, and when I had to customize WYMeditor for our application I struggled to find a list of the pre-defined tools so I could add the one's I wanted and exclude the one's I didn't. Maybe I missed it - is there a FAQ or tutorial with these in them? I found out how to add Bold and Italic from the 0.5 Customization doc, but that was it.

Anyway, here they are in case it helps anyone:

Code: Select all
jQuery(function() {
      toolsItems: [
        {'name': 'Bold', 'title': 'Strong', 'css': 'wym_tools_strong'},
        {'name': 'Italic', 'title': 'Emphasis', 'css': 'wym_tools_emphasis'},
        {'name': 'Superscript', 'title': 'Superscript', 'css': 'wym_tools_superscript'},
        {'name': 'Subscript', 'title': 'Subscript', 'css': 'wym_tools_subscript'},
        {'name': 'InsertOrderedList', 'title': 'Ordered_List', 'css': 'wym_tools_ordered_list'},
        {'name': 'InsertUnorderedList', 'title': 'Unordered_List', 'css': 'wym_tools_unordered_list'},
        {'name': 'Indent', 'title': 'Indent', 'css': 'wym_tools_indent'},
        {'name': 'Outdent', 'title': 'Outdent', 'css': 'wym_tools_outdent'},
        {'name': 'Undo', 'title': 'Undo', 'css': 'wym_tools_undo'},
        {'name': 'Redo', 'title': 'Redo', 'css': 'wym_tools_redo'},
        {'name': 'CreateLink', 'title': 'Link', 'css': 'wym_tools_link'},
        {'name': 'Unlink', 'title': 'Unlink', 'css': 'wym_tools_unlink'},
        {'name': 'InsertImage', 'title': 'Image', 'css': 'wym_tools_image'},
        {'name': 'InsertTable', 'title': 'Table', 'css': 'wym_tools_table'},
        {'name': 'Paste', 'title': 'Paste_From_Word', 'css': 'wym_tools_paste'},
        {'name': 'ToggleHtml', 'title': 'HTML', 'css': 'wym_tools_html'},
        {'name': 'Preview', 'title': 'Preview', 'css': 'wym_tools_preview'}

Am I missing any?

Also, a simple FAQ or tutorial on this as well as customizing the Container and Classes lists would be very helpful. IMO, it seems like those would be the most commonly requested customization questions. Anyone have a link to a thoroughly-written article on it?
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Re: list of toolsitems for customizing

Postby jfh on Sat Sep 06, 2008 9:15 pm

There is a customization example available in the package, see 06-custom-menu.html, or ... -menu.html

I've just added the toolsItems default value in the 0.5 documentation: ... toolsItems

Thanks for the feedback.
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