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Preformatted's behavour differs among browsers

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Preformatted's behavour differs among browsers

Postby zencd on Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:50 am


I find WYMeditor to be very nice thing and have played with it some. And I noticed WYMeditor's behaviour differs among different browsers if cursor is within a preformatted block.

Which of them is the right one? And which is buggy then?

Firefox 3.5.5
Enter: new paragraph
Shift+Enter: new line

Opera 10.01
Enter: new line
Shift+Enter: new line (so there is no way to reach out)

Enter: new preformatted block (not a paragraph)
Shift+Enter: new line (with a bug although)

P.S. Windows XP SP3
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Re: Preformatted's behavour differs among browsers

Postby mr_lundis on Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:48 pm

Hello, and sorry for my late reply! :roll:
That's an interesting bug you've found. If you look around the forum you'll see that this is not the only bug regarding enter key handling and block level elements other than paragraphs.

Regarding what behaviour's most correct I'd maybe say Firefox... But the need to press shift or ctrl or whatever to create a line break is far from obvious for not experienced users. Perhaps a better behaviour would be to create a line break on enter and when you hit enter twice create a new paragraph (with the option to continue making line breaks holding down shift or ctrl or whatever) much like the behaviour with lists?

Anyways, if you could post a bug report about this on the trac site, It*d be greatly appreciated. Also any kind of patches/fixes/suggestions are more than welcome!

Cheers! ;)
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