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Multilingual support

Postby dshadow on Fri Mar 23, 2007 3:32 am


at the moment I'm adding WYMeditor to a multilingual site. I've managed to get WYMeditor working correctly on monolingual documents by making iframe.htm dynamic and controlling the language and direction attributes of the html element.

I'm also importing a css file containing language specific CSS rules.

The problem I'm facing is when text in a second language is embedded in the text of the first language.

At the moment I can switch to code view and add div and span elements with the correct lang and dir attributes.

But this there a way to integrate this sort of functionality into the editor itself?

Additionally is it possible to create buttons to insert specific control characters as NCRs or html entities like ZWJ, ZWNJ, CGI, LRM, RLM, etc?
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Postby jfh on Tue Mar 27, 2007 7:20 am


You can try the following solutions:
    - putting classes on block elements, e.g. P class="fr", and using XSLT at the server-side to generate P lang="fr" dir="ltr"
    - using 'Special' menu, and insertAtCursor()
    - using the templating system (see

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