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Charset issue when reading notes from evernote

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Charset issue when reading notes from evernote

Postby madasahatta on Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:38 pm

I'm using wymeditor as a frontend editor for my Evernote notes. I'm loading my notes from their database, and am getting content that looks like this:
If you’re like me, you like registering domains. It’s exciting. But what’s not exciting is watching your hosting company or domain registrar turn your name into an ad-farm while you’re getting ready to launch your next WordPress blog.

I know, the content has UTF-8 encoding on the evernote side and I have set apache and php to use utf-8 by default, according to the instructions here: ... JavaScript.

The only thing, I didn't do was use the utf-8 validation script at the end of that article, as I don't see a reason to use it, as the content that I am retrieving from evernote must already be valid utf-8?

Would really appreciate help on this, as I am very close to getting this tool working.

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