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Install Help?

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Install Help?

Postby NeilM_Chicago on Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:20 pm

I think the WYMeditor user Interface and the amount of
functionality cramed into such a small space as
shown in in the Demo is absolutely incredible.

I also understand and respect that WYMeditor is a work
in progress and the dev team has limited time and probably
would prefer to work on the code for features.

# ----------------------------------------------------
1. As an alternate to getting complete install directions,
I tried using the preview button. This opened up a very nice
small window with just the "effects" I was hoping to
obtain. Fantastic. Then I used FireFox Ctrl-U to display
the page source. I didn't find any of my specific data there,
just the
"<body class='wym_dialog wym_dialog_preview'
(and the preamble stuff, of course).

Any chance of having the the preview window load
HTML into the browser? Or is there a trick I can use
to get at it? Different brower?

# ----------------------------------------------------
2. I am not an expert in web dev, obviously. I have tried
scanning the posts in this Support Forum, and reading
through the documents that came with ver 0.3, but I don't
see a step-by-step list of what to put where and how to confirm
each step of the installation.

Did I miss something in the 0.3 installation?

Also, I don't have a web server running on my PC.
If there is an easy/free one to install, can you point
me to that as a starter?

Where do I put the JQuery code? Under the same dir structure
as the WYMeditor? If not, how does wymeditor know where to
find JQuery?

Thanks for any help, pointers etc.
I understand that it may not be possible
to resolve these issues this early in your
products life-cycle.

Good luck and keep up the fantastic work!

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Postby misterm on Thu Jun 07, 2007 2:19 am

I haven't checked the latest downloadable version. I agree they might as well include the index.html into the package for a quick start.

I got my v0.3 up and running by getting the index.html from the demo-page. Downloaded the v0.3 version package and made sure all paths to the javascript and stylesheets were correct.

Let us know if you can make that work. If not, i could post a quick index.html later on when i am on my 'dev' machine.

For your server question. Apache/PHP is my choosing (Although i hear lighttpd should be quite nice). If you want an easy Apache/PHP/MySQL:

Make sure though you read up on Apache later on, it might be helpfull. On PHP, no advice there but to bookmark ;)

Good Luck!
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Postby jfh on Thu Jun 07, 2007 8:31 pm

About 1, WYMeditor injects the HTML into the dialog's BODY with JS, that's why you don't see it. I don't know if there's a way to circumvent this. Perhaps a FF extension or something?

About 2, you don't even need a web server for WYMeditor to work.
Just put the jquery.js in e.g. the same directory as your html page, and copy the entire 'wymeditor' directory in it.
Then point the SRC's to the correct locations.

Please see the documentation for more info.

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