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Relative URLs in hyperlinks

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Relative URLs in hyperlinks

Postby nickbambridge on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:04 pm

This is relatively untested, but I've found that by changing the following line of code, I was able to add relative urls as links in wymeditor.

backup then open:

var sUrl=jQuery(wym._options.hrefSelector).val();

replace with:
var sUrl=jQuery(wym._options.hrefSelector);

I accept this is probably not an ideal solution, as it appears to be removing the 'validation' part of adding a link url, but it seems to work all right.

This is only for urls in hyperlinks - not for image filepaths and such.
This may allow your users to add crap to your pages in the hrefs of links.
Always make a backup first.
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