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Danish language file + questions

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Danish language file + questions

Postby stev on Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:37 pm

First off, thanks for a very nice peace of work.

It seems there where no danish language file, so i made one:

Code: Select all
WYMeditor.STRINGS['da'] = {
    Strong:           'Fed',
    Emphasis:         'Kursiv',
    Superscript:      'Hævet tekst',
    Subscript:        'Sænket tekst',
    Ordered_List:     'Nummerisk Liste',
    Unordered_List:   'Punkttegn',
    Indent:           'Forøg indrykning',
    Outdent:          'Formindsk indrykning',
    Undo:             'Fortryd',
    Redo:             'Gendan',
    Link:             'Link',
    Unlink:           'Unlink',
    Image:            'Billede',
    Table:            'Tabel',
    HTML:             'HTML',
    Paragraph:        'Paragraph',
    Heading_1:        'Overskrift 1',
    Heading_2:        'Overskrift 2',
    Heading_3:        'Overskrift 3',
    Heading_4:        'Overskrift 4',
    Heading_5:        'Overskrift 5',
    Heading_6:        'Overskrift 6',
    Preformatted:     'Pre formatteret',
    Blockquote:       'Citat blok',
    Table_Header:     'Tabel Overskrift',
    URL:              'URL',
    Title:            'Titel',
    Alternative_Text: 'Alternativ tekst',
    Caption:          'Overskrift',
    Summary:          'Resumé',
    Number_Of_Rows:   'Antal rækker',
    Number_Of_Cols:   'Antal kolonner',
    Submit:           'Ok',
    Cancel:           'Annuller',
    Choose:           'Vælg',
    Preview:          'Vis Eksempel',
    Paste_From_Word:  'Indsæt fra Word',
    Tools:            'Værktøjer',
    Containers:       'Tekst formatteringer',
    Classes:          'Klasser',
    Status:           'Status',
    Source_Code:      'Kilde kode'

I know the to first words translates to bold and italic, but the the danish words for strong and emphasis just dosn't make sence for letters. I've been working with texteditors for a while, and the translation i made is based on years of experience with both danish and english software - these are the most common translations.

I cant get the indent and outdent to work... not that im going to need them, but anyways...

Im confused by the license of this editor...

The MIT License, basicly tells me i can do whatever i want. but the GPL lisence says im not allowed to do any changes?
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