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Some ideas from a guy not good at javascript

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Some ideas from a guy not good at javascript

Postby trd on Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:41 am

I'm not really a coder, in that I'm not good enough to invent something. I just fiddle with HTML and PHP in a text editor, then ftp to my host. But I'm usually good enough to duct tape a few changes in existing code. Looking at the source for this has been overwhelming though, and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to implement my ideas. PHP is so much easier than Javascript, in my opinion.

* What I'd like to do is for each block to have a little tab, so that it could be dragged up or down. The point being, you can reorder the blocks, instead of having to delete, start over, or overwrite. This would put the identifier, like the tiny "p" on a paragraph block, on the side. Hovering over the "p" would create that special arrow cursor, letting the user know it can be dragged.
Code: Select all
| p  | lorem ipsum                   |
-----|                               |
     | blah                          |

* For things like the indent buttons, I would like them to appear only when a list block is currently active. Like, your cursor is on it or editing it. If you then move to a non-list block, those indent buttons disappear. Alternatively, get rid of the global tools altogether, and have each block have it's own toolbar.

* I would like a list of top-level blocks on the side, kind of like the current "Containers" thing. But it'd be actual button type images. Click on one and drag, and drop it anywhere, on the design area, even between two existing blocks. So in other words, you want to add a new paragraph, just click on the paragraph button and drag one on.

* New types of blocks. I'd like a way to make new blocks, such as a youtube block. You drag it onto your area (it's in the same list as the previous idea), and instead of a text edit field in the block, there is just a field asking for the URL of the video. You just tell it the video URL, and it will create the Flash embed code for you, encased in a div.

* A PRE block on steroids. When you add a pre block, there will be a drop down within the block and a textarea, where you can choose a programming language or by default, plain text. Using existing scripts out there that do this, it would format and color highlight the code. Not necessarily show that formatting in the design area, but show it in the published code.

* For the P block, it would be great if it had a setting to load 1 image, and align it in one of four ways. Centered above the text, centered below the text, or floated in the top left or top right corner with the text wrapped around it. Images just don't need to be any more complicated than that, and it doesn't make sense to allow more than one image in a paragraph. Someone who wants that should rethink their design.

* Pretty source code. After saving, it would be nice if the source code looked nice. This would make it easier to make custom changes or find problems.
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