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Great API

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Great API

Postby codebyjoe on Wed Aug 06, 2008 8:02 pm

I'm using an older version of the editor so i'm not up on the latest and greatest. Ill work on that as time allows.

Mods have been painless.

It was very simple to add acronym and abbr tags to the editor and then to also add an attribute for the VUI. Also with images i was able to allow the author to check if the image should open in a new window so that it automatically opens in the new window and the alt tag indicates that the image will open in a new window. There are other mods but those are the more interesting.

My needs have been to add semantics, accessibility and voice features to the html that is generated by the editor. The articles are for web sites with a VUI (voice user interface). So people using the opera browser can talk to the site and the site talks to them.

You can see a version of the application at

so to the development team i say nice work.

sincerely, joe budd
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Re: Great API

Postby jfh on Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:05 am

Interesting! This is a good example of improving web accessibility and semantics with the help of web standards.
Unfortunately I can't test the Voice feature since I use Linux, and Windows is required.
Anyway thanks for sharing your work - a more descriptive article on your website about your WYMeditor integration would be great too. ;)
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