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newbie needs help

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newbie needs help

Postby johnliang on Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:11 am

hi all

I am john liang. Currently I am making a blog site.

I need an editor to capture user comments. I searched and found WMD editor.
My problem is this, if I attach an image in the WMD editor, how can I :
1. retrieve this image in PHP and save it as a BLOB in my table
2. return the URL of the image to the textarea in form via AJAX

I couldn't find any help online, such as online forum.

Now, I decided to abandon WMD and look for another editor, now found WYMeditor. I haven't try WYMeditor yet, but I forsee the same problem that I may face. Since you have a forum where I can post my question could you please guide me as how to I retrieve image attached in the editor, save it as a bLOB in my table, and return the URL into the textarea via AJAX? Perhaps same existing code sample may help me.

Thanks in advance.
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