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Textarea focus bug on IE7 and IE6

PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:57 pm
by gunt
I have a bug on IE7 / IE6 under WymEditor 0.4 and 0.5 alpha. When I click on the textarea to seize my text this one create a paragraph except IE7 and IE6, we are obliged to press enter and create 2 paragraphs and to press on backspace to delete the second paragrapgh. Know a fix to resolve this problem ?

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<textarea name="paragraph" class="wymeditor" cols="50" rows="4"></textarea>

Thanks for your help :)

Re: Textarea focus bug on IE7 and IE6

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 8:22 pm
by jfh
Type your text, and press 'return' - it will create the paragraph.
You can also initialize the content with something like '<p><br/></p>'.

Re: Textarea focus bug on IE7 and IE6

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:14 pm
by mykel_suthertun
Just thought I'd let you know I was able to replicate your "bug" exactly as you described. It was very annoying and rendered the editor pretty much useless in IE7 (which, unfortunately, 99.9% of my office uses). Here's a screenshot: ... enshot.png

For reasons I won't get into, I had slightly edited the following code from /wymeditor/iframe/default/wymiframe.css a while ago:
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/* Gecko min height fix */
  p             { min-height: 1em; } /*min-height is needed under Firefox, because empty parargraphs */
  *+html p      { min-height: auto; } /* but we have to remove it under IE7 because it triggers the 'haslayout' mode */
  td            { height: 1.6em; }

After I noticed the problem in IE7, I changed it back to the default (above) and it was fine. If you haven't edited the code above at all, try searching the rest of your site's CSS for height declarations on paragraph elements. Just a shot in the dark...