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Is there any uncompressed/un-minified version?

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Is there any uncompressed/un-minified version?

Postby mickel on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:26 pm

I love this library and it's exactly the editor I have been searching for.

However, the way I use JS on my websites is that I combine all my scripts into one .js on-the-fly, then compress it by using the YUI Compress algorithm and finally caching it all and sending it to the browser. 8)

Somehow this method does not work, on what I thought was the uncompressed version, jquery.wymeditor.js.

I did a search and found that I should also include explorer.js and mozilla.js etc. But where can I find these?

Thanks! :roll:
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Re: Is there any uncompressed/un-minified version?

Postby mr_lundis on Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:21 pm

Hi Mickel, and welcome to the WYMeditor forum!

If you're using one of the releases (such as 0.5 rc 1) the jquery.wymeditor.js-file should contain everything you need, otherwise (i.e. if you're using the svn version) the jquery.wymeditor.<browser name>.js files should be located in the same folder as the jquery.wymeditor.js file.

WYMeditor tries to figure out where some external resources are located by looking at the path to the js-files, and since you don't include the js-files directly this is most likely what's causing issues for you. You can set those paths manually, but you'll most likely run in to new issues doing so as WYMeditor tries to include those js-files when opening dialogues...

The easiest approach is most likely to exclude WYMeditor from your automatic js compression system.
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