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Hoping to contribute to WYMeditor!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:12 am
by samuelcole
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself: my name is Sam, and I'm working on adding a rich text editor to my company's website. I didn't want to use TinyMCE as it often produces unsemantic code, and in my opinion, creates a false promise (WYSIWYG). I found WYMeditor to be much more inline with my personal beliefs about how the internet should be structured, and promotes great, semantic markup.

However, WYMeditor doesn't support *everything*, so I was hoping to contribute on some of the areas that I need for my product.

My first attempt was using our own modal dialogs, instead of popup windows, for the dialogs. I quickly ported over a script I found over on a ticket, and I've attached it there. However, I'm interested in generalizing the dialog hooks, to make monkey patches like these a bit cleaner.

My second attempt was adding hooks for custom commands through the wymeditor options (I'm hoping to add custom buttons), you can find that over here.

I welcome all feedback, and I hope I've matched the style of the project well!

(This is also the first time I've submitted/shown some patches to an open source project, so I hope I'm not too awkward. :) )