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Suppressing tidy up of html tags

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Suppressing tidy up of html tags

Postby roundash on Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:41 am

I know this may seem like a strange request considering that the whole idea of the editor is to produce standards compliant markup but is there a way to suppress the addition of end tags on incorrect markup.

The reason that I ask is that I am integrating into a cms system which works by building a page from content that is stored in a database table. This content could be static text, a dynamic menu, a widget (function) or a dynamic list of database records. Each type of content has a separate entry in the database and I am trying to build a page where users can insert a new type of content into the page layout.

As an example consider a page having some heading text, a menu and some text below. This would have three entries in the page structure table, the first is static text and so can be edited by wymeditor, the second is the menu which can be edited elsewhere and the third is more static text edited by wymeditor.

My problem is that say the page is structured with an outer div then the first record contains the opening part of this div and the third record contains the closing part. However, if I want to just edit the first record, wymeditor automatically loads the html and adds the closing tag. Is there an easy way to suppress this so that I don't end up with an extra closing tag when the whole page is loaded.

Thanks in advance
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