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Spanish translation file, with bogus 3 first bytes?

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Spanish translation file, with bogus 3 first bytes?

Postby ricardoe on Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:39 pm

Hi WYMeditor team. Your code is wonderful.

Well. I've found that the first 3 bytes of this file wymeditor/lang/es.js are containing some bogus data.

This 3 bytes are not being shown on notepad neither notepad++, but using PHP file functions, these bytes are ruining the WYMeditor for IE7.

I hope I've been clear enough to report correctly this (sorry, my english is not to good).

In short: Check in an hex editor the first 3 bytes of wymeditor/lang/es.js.

Regards and keep it up!

Edit: Remember, in English its Spanish, not Espanish. :D
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