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translated to Simplified Chinese

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translated to Simplified Chinese

Postby achun on Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:08 am

translated to Simplified Chinese
/*** Encoding UTF-8 ***/
WYMeditor.STRINGS['zh_cn'] = {
Strong: '加粗',
Emphasis: '斜体',
Superscript: '上标',
Subscript: '下标',
Ordered_List: '有序列表',
Unordered_List: '无序列表',
Indent: '增加缩进',
Outdent: '减少缩进',
Undo: '撤消',
Redo: '重做',
Link: '链接',
Unlink: '取消链接',
Image: '图片',
Table: '表格',
HTML: 'HTML源代码',
Paragraph: '段落',
Heading_1: '标题 1',
Heading_2: '标题 2',
Heading_3: '标题 3',
Heading_4: '标题 4',
Heading_5: '标题 5',
Heading_6: '标题 6',
Preformatted: '原始文本',
Blockquote: '引语',
Table_Header: '表头',
URL: '地址',
Title: '提示文字',
Alternative_Text: '失效文字',
Caption: '标题',
Number_Of_Rows: '行数',
Number_Of_Cols: '列数',
Submit: '提交',
Cancel: '放弃',
Choose: '选择',
Preview: '预览',
Paste_From_Word: '从Word粘贴纯文本',
Tools: '工具',
Containers: '容器',
Classes: '预定义样式',
Status: '状态',
Source_Code: '源代码',
Attachment: '附件',
NewParagraph: '新段落'
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Re: translated to Simplified Chinese

Postby jfh on Wed May 14, 2008 8:25 pm

Included in trunk, thanks for the help!
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